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For the past 24 years, the Multicultural Motion Picture Association (MMPA), under the strong leadership of its President, Jarvee E. Hutcherson has served as a dynamic voice for the TV and Motion Picture diversity movement.  As Executive Producer of the annual Diversity Awards, honoring distinguished achievement in diversity in Television and the Cinematic Arts, Hutcherson and the MMPA continue to honor the stories and story-tellers: actors, writers, directors, producers and those who dare to create complex and compelling stories across the diverse spectrum of society. 

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With the 24th Annual Diversity Awards approaching, Hutcherson states, “We will go global with this year's annual awards show.  The Diversity Awards' past honorees and presenters reflect the diversity and talent of Hollywood's brightest and most influential stars, directors, producers and accomplished entertainers across the industry.”

To name but a few annual participants, the Diversity Awards has honored such greats as: Diahann Carroll, Louis Gossett, Jr., Jada Pinkett Smith, Marlee Matlin, Cicely Tyson Taraji P. Henson, Terence Howard, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Salma Hayek, Robert DeNiro, George Lopez, Jackie Chan, Nancy Odell, Wilmer Valderrama, Oliver Stone, Cicely Tyson , Rita Moreno, Cheech Marin, John Singleton, Sally Kirkland, Shirley MacLaine, and many more...

The MMPA is moving forward with global membership and support from various major studios and cable TV networks.  Student and artist scholarships have also been funded over the past 24 years to further the diversity mission of the MMPA.   Hutcherson stresses that “We are now looking forward to shine the spotlight on the full spectrum of diversity including: race, gender, disability, seniors, gender identity, and underrepresented cultures and lifestyles.”

He further applauds AMPAS President Cheryl Boone Isaacs' recent action ensuring that voting members of the Academy are representative of the communities that are the recipients of the work coming out of Hollywood.    Hutcherson firmly believes that the industry can be more diverse and fully represent what diversity truly stands for within the Motion Picture and TV Industries.  "I am excited to see great progress moving forward, bringing diversity to the front topic in today's diversity movement.  There are many more stories to be told.   The teller of each story represents diverse races and cultural groups.”

As a man ahead of his time throughout Hollywood and Tinseltown, 24 years ago, when Hutcherson approached the major studios, he was told it was politically incorrect, virtually taboo to even address Diversity.    “I am so delighted that now, 24 years later, those very studio heads are eager to embrace the Diversity Awards in all its aspects.”      The MMPA Diversity Awards show is today positioned at the top of the Awards presentations, emerging, after 24 years strong as a leader in the Multi-Diversity movement within TV and Motion Pictures.

LOUIS GOSSETT JR reflects on the motion pictures industries past: “You had Black exploitation, then you had the Indians and the Asians, like a fad of the moment.  But America means everyone.  Diverse persons in our country is what makes it great.  The inclusion of all of us will make us best, around the world, and even better than before.”    

DIAHANN CARROLLshares her enthusiasm, “It's wonderful, that young black filmmakers, writers, producers, including those from around the world are letting their voices be heard and are being seen through motion pictures they create.  That's how we are going to liberate ourselves and become an even more important part of this industry.”

MMPA President, Hutcherson is also excited to see great progress moving forward, bringing diversity to the front topic in today's diversity movement.    The MMPA's pioneering Annual Diversity Awards allows all creative change agents in the entertainment industry, no matter their color, gender/identity, disability, or underrepresented community, the opportunity for professional recognition.   Hutcherson emphasizes, “With disability an important element of Diversity and over 56 million Americans living with a disability, amongst this population are some of the most talented and it's time for them to get their opportunity to more fully shine on the world stage.”    The MMPA is well positioned to assist AMPAS, the Television Academy, Directors and Producers Guilds of America, and the Writers Guild of America toward achieving their diversity initiatives.