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      I lost my sister Terry due to cancer in the month of May 2013.  She was 58 years old, a nurse, mother, grandmother, and military veteran.   My sister loved music, especially R& B, but she loved, loved, Barbara Streisand, David Foster and Elvis. Terry found great joy in going to swap meets and thrift stores.  As the ultimate decorator, she loved to decorate and scrapbook.   Another great joy and bright light in my sister's life was her granddaughter, Ganiece.  Terry was married to her life-long sweetheart, a decorated officer who served for over 35 years in the United States Marine Corp.  He has seen death up close and personal numerous times in his military career.   Yet he says, nothing prepared him for this, changing the diapers of his wife while she was on hospice or saying goodbye just before she was cremated—a task that millions of Americans are faced with.       


     On Friday, Sept 9, 2016 at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, downtown Los Angeles a live telecast titled “Stand Up To Cancer” (SU2C) aired simultaneously over more than 60 broadcast and cable networks across the United States and Canada.   The amazing presentation, which is in collaboration with the Entertainment Industry Foundation featured a stellar lineup of celebrated individuals from the world of entertainment, music, sports, medical science and cancer survivors showing that “Hollywood has a heart and the participation of so many wonderful performer proves it,” said Sherry Lansing, founder of the Sherry Lansing Foundation.

Every day it is reported that cancer kills 1,800 people in the United States and Canada. That is more than one person every minute.  With the SU2C campaign since it launched in 2008, more than $481 million has been pledged to support cancer research and more effective cancer treatments.  This year’s weekend event announced more than $111 million in pledges in connection with the star-studded fundraising fifth biennial one-hour special.

     In addition to the show’s producer Bradley Cooper, a very long list of celebrities showed up and appeared on the telecast along with the organization co-founder Katie Couric. However, the evening belonged to the cancer survivors and cancer patients—there were three cancer patients that appeared on the show.   One patient’s name was Trina Taylor Isaac, 43, of Baltimore.  Isaac is African American and was treated for colorectal cancer with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, but her cancer returned.  She joined a clinical trial supported by the Van Andel Research Institute (VARI) – SU2C Cancer Epigenetics Dream Team that is investigating drugs that can reverse the cancer’s resistance to chemotherapy.  She has seen nearly all of her tumors disappear.


     “From emboldening the brave survivors among us who continue to fight cancer, to showcasing the tremendous success of SU2C’s work through the stories of patients who have benefited from research, our program honored the spectrum of individuals impacted by cancer on a daily basis. These results are not only tangible, but they also lay the ground work for future breakthroughs in the years to come,” said SU2C CFA member Ellen Ziffren. 

     As for me, I was there with my sister’s  husband, holding her hand when she drew her last breath, finally at peace and in no more pain.  Each of us, I am sure knows someone that has died from cancer or has become a survivor or patient of cancer.  Our family stands with millions of families.  “With this telecast and its movement,” said, Couric, “It’s inspiring to share the stories of people who now lead full lives after a cancer diagnosis because of treatments available through advancements made by SU2C research, We’re incredibly grateful to each and every person who contributes to this effort. When we all stand together, cancer doesn’t stand a chance.”

Mr & Mrs Sammy Hunt, USMC Military Ball

Trina Taylor Isaac and Shannen Doherty 

batting and standing up to cancer

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