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Thank God It's Thursday 

by Lea Michelle Cash/Celebrity Showcase Column/Published 8/20/2015

Lights! Camera! ABC and Pure-Television-Magic!  At the Television Critics Association (TCA) Summer Press Tour recently held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, the creator, executive producer and writer, Shonda Rhimes along with her producing partner Betsey Beers, and Pete Nowalk, the creator of “How to Get Away With Murder” graced the stage with leading actresses, Viola Davis (How To Get Away With Murder), Kerry Washington (Scandal), and Ellen Pompeo (Grey’s Antomy).

The impressive group of individuals gathered to answer media’s questions about ABC’s “Thank God it’s Thursday” (TGIT) powerhouse hit shows to which the actors are featured.  Questions were tossed to the astonishing team, and their replies fired back seasoned with humor and realness.

One reporter asked actress Terry Washington.  “Olivia is viewed as a role model by many people for a number of reasons, as she goes through all of these twist and turns. How much does that weigh on you?”  Washington states, “I’ve always thought it was really misguided when women tell me that Olivia Pop is their role model, because she’s having an affair with a married man who is the President of the United States.    Who is a murderer.   And she stole an election for him.”

Washington continues, “Though, I feel there are some things about her that are admirable. She is an entrepreneur. She is smart.  She has an amazing closet.  And those things are worthy of admiration.  But she is nobody’s role model.”

Others asked actress, Ellen Pompeo how is she going to get her life back on “Grey’s Anatomy.” Rhimes and Pompeo both answered these questions with letting the media know that “Grey’s Anatomy” will have a lighter tone this season, and that the sun will rise again for Meredith, as a single woman living this life that she has never thought she was.  Pompero said,   “A lot of people feel like they can’t get up again.  And so to tell that story about how life does go on after what you think is impossible, you know, is something that so many people can relate to.” She continues, “ If we give anybody, even joust one person, a little bit of comfort or open their eyes to a new idea, make them feel some new joy when they thought they couldn’t again, that’s a story worth telling.”

Viola Davis who plays Annalise on “How to Get Away With Murder” has been nominated for an Emmy Award in the Best Actress category.  Someone asked, “When we talk about Emmys, one of the things that’s interesting to me is that we’ve never had a black woman win an Emmy as Best Actress, and here we are now at a point with where two black women have been nominated. So I am wondering if Viola can talk a little about Emmying and what it might feel like if you could actually break that barrier.”   Davis simply stated, “I feel if you are in the business for awards, you are in the wrong business.”    

The pair was both asked about Cicely Tyson, who was an amazing guest star on the episode where she plays Annalise’s mom, and if we can expect her to come back in Season 2?  Norwalk said, “That was Viola’s instinct that we should meet Annalise’s mom and it grew into an episode that we are extremely proud of.  As for Season 2 we are still figuring it out.”    

The ABC Thursday night lineup has proven to be a huge success with all three Shondaland TV series productions back to back in a row, running in order from 8 p.m. – 11 p.m.